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NPP MIKROMONTAZH SPE releases for medical facilities, field hospitals and emergency services, hospital equipment, nomenclature exceeds 150 units .
Products NPP MIKROMONTAZH SPE tested and certification system Gosstandart and entered in the register of medical equipment is not subject to VAT, is evidence of "know-how" for the latest model.

About us

The motto of the company: "The minimum risk to the patient maximum comfort to staff"

Limited Liability Company Research and Production Enterprise "MIKROMONTAZH" - Russia's leading development and production of moving patients to ambulances.
Director Lev Kuzmin, Ph.D., winner of the State Prize of the USSR, Academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation

Chronicle of OOO NPP "Mikromontazh" 1991 - in the wake of the restructuring of Nizhegodskogo Research Institute of Technology and Production Organization (NIITOP) allocated team of designers and working under the direction of Lev Kuzmin. The new company is named "Mikromontazh."

1991-1992 - the chosen specialization in the production of microelectronic equipment soon is unclaimed and NPP "Mikromontazh" masters of computers, not losing hope to return in the manufacturing sector.

1992-1993 - found a new niche: the repair of medical equipment in health care facilities. Most of the technology, the recovery in those years SPE "Mikromontazh" is until now.

1994 - The company organizes its own production for the Gorky Automobile Plant inachinaet work on a new direction equipment machines "emergency".

1995 - SPE "Mikromontazh" goes into mass production. In the year 2000 is equipped with a machine "emergency".

2001 - the company starts each year to participate in international exhibitions "Safety" and "Health", which take place in Moscow.

2005 - SPE "Mikromontazh" begin work on space subjects. Ortostol developed and swivel chair for cosmonaut training in the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yuri Gagarin and at Baikonur, designed trolley for transportation suits.

2006-2007 - SPE "Mikromontazh" takes part in the priority national project "Health" in which equips 12,000 cars "emergency" throughout Russia.

2009 - the company has developed and presented a backup set of rescue equipment intended for the evacuation of 20-30 people in an emergency. In SPE "Mikromontazh" believe that such cases should be installed in all public places, especially in schools, subways, stadiums and others.

2011 - OOO NPP "Mikromontazh" developed and produced over 100 units of the range of medical and special equipment: wheelchairs, carts for equipment, as well as equipment for special automobile evacuation of astronauts from the landing site.

Means for moving patients for ambulances
Medical kits, which include:

      tiered trolley wheelchairs for patients with removable stretcher with automatic folding chassis,
     receiving device for fixing the vehicle bogies, depreciated having up to 5 degrees of freedom.

In the year, the company equips more than 95% of the issue of domestic medical transport
The salvation for Emergency Medicine

     Lightweight folding stretcher of various types. Equipment of rescue services MOE, disaster medicine, rescuers and others. Medical equipment and transport (helicopters, snow and marsh buggies, off-road, water transport)
     Sets the means of salvation in mobile cabinets 20-30 victims of terrorist attacks, local emergencies, man-made disasters. Cabinets installed in public places: the subway station, train stations, shopping, educational, entertainment centers
Test and training of medical equipment for the training of astronauts

     Orthostatic tables (rotation around the horizontal axis)
      Rotating programmed chair (vertical axis)
      Diagnostic and treatment chair (3 coordinates)
     Means of transportation suits
Medical equipment for hospitals and field hospitals

More than 50 models of trucks, wheelchairs for patients and goods, as well as special medical

"NPP" MIKROMONTAZH "is ready to develop and produce non-standard medical equipment to the customer's specifications.