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code 0704 Stretcher chairlifts NC-MM folding

code 0704 Stretcher chairlifts NC-MM folding

code 0704 Stretcher chairlifts NC-MM folding    
основные параметры:

weight(kg): 20
height(mm): 315-1300
width(mm): 580
length(mm): 700-1965


Stretcher chairlifts NC-MM, combine the functions of three products: stretchers, chairs and trolleys. Stretcher equipped with wheel supports: however in the head, the second - in the foot part and the third - on a folding chassis. Chassis serves as additional support, reducing the burden on nurses when unloading and transporting the patient in the position of "lying". Transporting the patient in the "sitting" or "reclining" carried out on the wheels and folding foot section of the chassis. When loading the vehicle when the wheel support portion of the head based on the slip of the receiving device is automatically unlatch the chassis and is folded in the direction of the foot section. Stretcher chairlift can be used as a functional variable geometry stretcher side as in the design of the stretcher is provided raise the headrest and the addition of a two-piece leg section. Smaller size allows comfortable use stretcher in confined spaces car.

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